You might not be aware of this, but Paperbotgod attacked Earth in 2016.

We fought vailantly, but ultimately lost. A truce was signed, and condition of surrender was that each household on Earth must install and obey a Paperbotgod shrine, and worship it.

Luckily for us, paperbots come from transmorphogeneplane dimension, in which they exist in a form that we would describe as “infinitely objectified image paper plane”. They arise from and morph back into their plane of exitence, each time in different shape. This opened possibility for us to fulfill requirements of Paperbotgod by creating a paperbot representations that are “frozen” in the moment of both coming to existence and merging back into the infinity. is an outlet for Paperbot shrines, as per requirement of the truce. This webshop is a normal Earth website, built on WordPress and WooCommerce and hosted on LiquidWeb cloud. Payment processing is done by PayPal. The site is as safe and as privacy oriented as these platforms are.

The pricing for each Paperbot is set to cover the expenses for tranmogrification of the fabric of transmorphogeneplane dimension into a material that can be used on Earth to create the Paperbot models, plus the time and safety enclosure around each Paperbot.

Being made by hand from tranmogrified fabric of transmorphogeneplane, each paperbot is by definition perfect and unique, regardless of common Earthling perception of “perfection”. Therefore it is not possible to return the Paperbot your aquired, as each purchase is final.

The only condition of paperbot shrine return, is in the case the of destruction of Paperbot safety enclosure. In that case, contact us immediately, your security is at risk.

The punishment for not obeying the Paperbotgod’s will and installing and worshiping a Paperbot shrine, is living a “blank” experience, just like what the default state of transmorphogeneplane can be described like.